• Alex C

    I have tried just about every pre-workout there is. This is at the top of my list for the best out there. The amount of focus and pump I got with it was unlike anything I had felt previously, with the added benefit of not crashing after, I highly recommend this!

  • Avi J

    This is by far the best, most well-balanced pre i’ve taken. All of the ingredients complement each other extremely well! The 4G of Beta-alanine kicks in hard, along with the focus ingredients. Usually when I try a pre-workout, it makes me end up in the bathroom… This was NOT the case with this pre. A huge bonus on top of this was the flavor, it was honestly perfect. I’ve never had a pre that tastes this good.

  • Maia C

    I tried a sample of the Miami Vice, the flavor was amazing. I’ve never been so keyed into a workout like I was after I took it. The pump was good and there was no caffeine crash during or after my workout.